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I'm Jane!
I draw pictures.
And I bump into things a lot.
Sometimes I do both of these at the same time! EXCITING STUFF

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a very potter musical, animation, aragorn, arrested development, art deco, asuka langley soryu, axis powers hetalia, bad art, boo you whore, bursting out into song, chowder, crafts, cupcakes, cute shit, dammit jim, dancing like a bamf, daniel radcliffe, disney villians, doctor horrible, don bluth, drawing, dumb pick-up lines, edward gorey, elijah wood's eyebrows, ellen page, eowyn, evangelion, fashion, femmeslash, fictional women you hate, filmmaking, flapjack, flappers, flight of the conchords, freaks and geeks, frodo baggins, fuck you she's awesome, gay angels, going on adventures, gothic lolita, harry potter, harvey dent, harvey milk, hating vic mignogna, henry selick, het, hipsters, history, hobbits, jai ho, jellyfish princess, jem and the holograms, john cho, juno, karaoke, karl urban, kaworu nagisa, kissing stories, kittens, lady gaga, lollipops, lord of the rings, magical girls, mary blair, michael scott, misato katsuragi, moomins, moulin rouge, mulan, music, my bff jill, my little ponies, my so-called life, nerdy stuff, panty and stocking, paul rudd, pee-wee herman, pixar, polysics, potter puppet pals, psychology, rainbows, ratbirds, reading, rei ayanami, roald dahl, rosie cotton, rupert grint, sailor moon, samwise gamgee, sarcasm, scott pilgrim, scrubs, sean bean, shinji ikari, shopping, slash, star trek, stickers, sue sylvester, the bear jew, the office, the runaways, the swedish chef, uhura, unicorns, what the fuck ever, wizard people dear reader, wonder woman, you, zefron